Portion sauce in dip-pot with logo

Packaging: Dip-pot
Size: 62х43 mm
Weight: from 10 to 28 grams
Sauces: adjika, barbecue, basil, caesar, chili, french, garlic, ketchup, lingonberry, mango and passion fruit, tomato, other

About portion sauce in dip-pot cups

Portion sauces with a logo are packaged in rectangular cups dip-pot of 62 x 42 mm. The volume of the dip-pot allows to pack the filling with a net weight of 10 to 28 grams.

We have collected a large assortment of recipes for portioned sauce, so that you can satisfy the most sophisticated and demanding tastes. From American fast foods to Japanese cuisine you can find a use for it.

Dip-pot sauces are used everywhere:

  • buffet in hotels
  • in the canteens
  • in corporate nutrition
  • fast-food
  • when ordering food as an addition to the main order

It is also worth adding that tomato and mayonnaise sauces in dip-pot packaging do not lose their taste, and the shelf life of the product is at least 6 months. In addition, you can offer the option of packing with your own raw materials or your partners.

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