Jam dip-pot with client Logo

Packaging: Dip-pot
Size: 62х43 mm
Weight: from 10 to 28 grams
Jam: apricot, cherry, raspberry, black currant, other

About jam packing in portioned cups

We offer packaging of natural jam in a portion package dip-pot with client logo. Our production is optimized, so we can offer our customers an excellent opportunity to get a branded product at low price.

Packing is carried out on modern packaging equipment using both our raw materials (from our partners) and customer-supplied.

The jam is packaged in a sealed portion cup dip-pot on which the customer's logo is applied. The weight of the filling can be in the range of 10 to 28 grams.

In addition to the low price, "Pomodoro Brand" offers additional benefits for your business:

  1. Large circulation of products
  2. High speed of order execution
  3. Best quality jam

Branded dip-pot with jam is a universal solution when you need a portioned supply of products and are the tasks of safe delivery to the customer.

Portion jam is delicious, healthy and energizes people during lunch in offices, schools and canteens. Dip-pot is convenient to use, keeping clean during meals.

It is also worth adding that Dip-pot with jam occupies a special position in the field of fast food and retail.

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