Condensed milk in dip-pot with logo

Packaging: Dip-pot
Size: 62х43 mm
Weight: from 10 to 28 grams

Packing condensed milk

A condensed milk is so many favorite sweet pasta that gives a lot of energy for the whole working day. But you can ask questions: How can it be delivered and added to the menu and to consumers? How to divide it up into portions? And How can you put our logo on it? The best solution for this task is packing of condensed milk in a dip-pot. It’s a convenient and sealed small rectangular cup in which you can put from 10 to 28 grams of filling.

The company “Pomodoro Brand” offers packaging services for condensed milk in dip-pot cups with the Customer’s design and logo. You can choose any volume of the order, and if you need large quantities made in a short time, our production facilities can easily cope with the task.

Condensed milk in portioned packaging offers several advantages for your business:

  1. It’s a convenience of counting and scheduling for weekly or monthly consumption. You can easily schedule the required quantity for a specific event.
  2. It is a protection of the contents in the package. Condensed milk is reliably protected from external influences. We use only the highest quality materials for the production of dip-pot cups.
  3. It is the simplicity of long logistics, storage and delivery to end customers.
  4. It’s branding and advertising your company.

Ordering any circulation of condensed milk packaging you can always be certain about the quality and reliability of our product. If you have individual tasks, interesting proposals let us know and we are happy to discuss them!

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