Portioned Butter in dip-pot with client logo

Packaging: Dip-pot
Size: 62х43 mm
Weight: from 10 to 28 grams

Packing butter in dip-pot cups

Butter in portioned packaging is an important, useful and indispensable product for a buffet, catering activities, for corporate catering and delivery of meals to offices, portioned meals in canteens, restaurants, cafes and others.

It contains many nutrients. Butter in dip-pot is well combined with other dishes and products: honey, jam, bakery products.

We offer a unique opportunity to combine advertising your  company and portioned food into one common product with the customer's logo and the design of it is fully implemented in an individual style.

We use high quality butter from a leading suppliers. It's packaged in a dip-pot cup of 10 grams but it can be changed on the client request. The packing butter in dip-pot has many advantages such as convenience of delivery, high speed of order processing, exact dosage of product in the menu, easy of calculation of required quantity etc.

Our company provides cold logistics to preserve the quality of products in portion packs, and specially selected materials for a dip-pot protects butter from external influence.

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