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Packing mustard in dip-pot

Mustard is one of the most common sauces in the world. Today, there is a large variety of culinary: Greek, American, German, French, Dijon, canteen, etc. Therefore, we also offer our customers the opportunity to work on a give-and-take basis.

With the development of recipes, mustard is used not only as a separate sauce, but also as an additive to other sauces. With its pleasant, savory sharpness, it is great for meat dishes, hamburgers, as an ingredient for topping, salads and snacks.

The Pomodoro company offers packing of mustard in a dip-pot (a rectangular cup). The design is carried out in an individual style and with the customer's logo. As a rule, mustard is packaged in portions of 10 g. Our product contains only natural ingredients.

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