About Pomodoro Brand

We are client-oriented company

First of all, we want to take your attention to the fact that “Pomodoro Brand” is a client-oriented company. We provide services for packaging and branding, as well as offer targeted cooperation, because our business is driven by the idea that a long-term trust and partnership are born thanks to cooperation and cooperation with the client.

The tasks we solve

Our main business line is the packaging of portioned food products for HoReCa, corporate customers and retailers with branding

Together with our clients we solve the following commercial tasks:

  • we are developing a segment of branded low-share products and compliments
  • we create new opportunities for the support and development of marketing communications
  • we provide the transition to portioned products on the lines of corporate catering, during the delivery of food and in the fast-food court system
  • we provide catering enterprises with a tool for self-selection of recipes and quality of filling branded dip-pot through the use of new technologies
  • expanding the range for manufacturers of products to enter the market of portioned products with their own brand under “Private Label“
  • we accelerate the process of customer service through the use of portioned branded products (accurate dosage and no need for weighing foods and washing inventory)

Our clients

We are well versed and understand the mechanism of internal discipline and work in various sectors of the provision of services and trade.

Therefore, we always speak the same language with the client. Our clients are:

  • these are HoReCa businesses such as restaurants, cafes, fast foods, catering companies, hotels and food delivery services.
  • manufacturers of pasty food products (honey, jams, sauces and ketchup, etc) that want to expand their own product range
  • corporate clients
  • export and import companies